Ionic De-tox Foot Bath

The La Conner Waterfront Day Spa offers a cleansing Ionic de-tox foot bath to it’s guests. Our equipment allows us to serve two guests at a time. Sessions last typically for 30 minutes. We need to know about your desire for this service so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time. The foot bath is thoroughly cleaned between services and utilizes a one time use liner for each session.

de-tox devicestarting footbathfootbath 10 minutesfootbath end

This series of pictures shows our de-tox machine and images at various stages in the process.


changes the alkalinity of your body

draws out free radicals (oxidents)

process continues to provide benefits for up to 72 hours after the treatment

it’s very relaxing to soak your feet.

A consultation with Mari is important while making your appointment before your service to allow her to schedule the proper time and determine if an Ionic De-tox footbath is a good fit for you.

How does it work?

The liquid in the foot bath is ordinary water with a small amount of salt added to create an electrolyte. Your feet are placed in the bath along with an array (electrode). A wrist band completes an electrical circuit. The machine runs a very small but effective current through your body and due to the polarity toxins are pulled from the pores in your feet. The treatment lasts 30 minutes. During that time you will see the color of the water change from clear to yellow to brown, even perhaps black. You will also notice a foamy material in the water. This color change is created by array and is a natural part of the process. It’s the foamy material that is the actual oxidents and other pollutants that are being pulled from your body.

There is a direct relationship between your body’s ph and the ability of harmful bacteria and viruses to propagate. The reduction of free radicals in your body is another beneficial effect. This the same reason we derive benefit from foods with anti-oxidant qualities.

This color chart shows some of the toxins which have been extracted

Personal Observations (from a client)

I found the foot bath very relaxing. I noticed a slight tingling sensation around my feet and from the wristband but it was not uncomfortable. The water did turn very dark and I had lots of foamy bits. It was pretty gross. All that stuff had to be wiped off my feet at the end of the session.

I slept very well each night of the sessions. I felt more energy in the morning when I woke up. I don’t have a way to quantify how much bad stuff was removed from my body except the ickyness of the water.

I intend to continue having Ionic de-tox Foot Bath sessions

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